Thank you for Releasing Buried Mysteries

I have been privileged to have Kathy Hill work with me as a Certified Emotion Code practitioner.  Kathy brings decades of experience in the field of energy work, culminating in her confident and masterful practice of the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Three Dimensional Therapy.  She is highly intuitive, very gentle and sensitive in her one-on-one sessions, both in person and on the phone.  She has helped me discover and release some old buried mysteries.  Kathy provides descriptions of the uncovered emotions which are helpful tools in the release process.  The work is truly remarkable, revealing hidden layers of emotions that are revealed and released with Kathy's efficient and compassionate care.  I found it interesting that even with Kathy's long experience, she is in as much awe as I was at the subtle precision of the subconscious as it reveals what is next in line to be released in the most efficient way.