Emotion Code Changed My Life in Milwaukee, WI area

A friend referred me to Kathy Hill after she and I had several talks about me feeling frustrated with my current work conditions.  I felt like I was at a crossroads in my teaching career.  A job that used to bring me joy, now evoked triggers often, left me feeling frustrated and impatient. 

I had an Emotion Code session with Kathy and it truly changed my life.  From my session, I discovered so many trapped emotions that I feel were responsible for my basic "people pleasing" nature that I have been trying to change for decades.

I left Kathy's office with such a lightness and confidence that I had never experienced before.  It was such a powerful feeling of... "everything's alright". It was the first time I felt such profound peace inside.  When I went to work the next day, I related to my students so differently, with more patience and with a much more open heart. They also related to me differently!   

Kathy gave me some centering instructions that have helped me maintain this sense of well-being.  The things that used to trigger me, simply do not anymore. I was surprised that through this process of releasing trapped emotions, I could feel more self-worth and confidence than I ever have in my life before.  I have studied many modalities of healing looking for something that would work in an obvious concrete way.  The Emotion Code session was that panacea for me. 

Thank You, Elizabeth S.