Bringing Lupus Under Control in West Bend Wisconsin

I had been diagnosed with Lupus in 2009 while in college and found out in July of 2012 that I had so much protein in my urine that it was off the charts (over 3000mg)! The doctors performed a renal biopsy and found that my kidneys showed no problems but that my Lupus was very active and affecting my kidneys. The doctor gave me a week to try to bring the protein down and if there was no change they were going to put me on chemotherapy to try to bring the Lupus into remission. I was faced with possibly losing my ability to have children, so I was desperate!

I did a session with Kathy and she removed trapped emotions from my kidneys and my protein went down from off the charts (over 3,000) mg to 400 mg. The doctor was astounded at my improvement in one week and asked me if I had taken any medicine to bring the protein levels down. He said it was unprecedented that my protein levels would decrease like that in such a short amount of time. He had never seen anything like it. He gave me until December 13, 2012 to bring the protein levels in my urine to normal levels. He planned to give me another renal biopsy and put me on chemotherapy if I couldn't bring the protein in my urine to normal levels by December 13.

Kathy and I did near daily sessions for emotional energy healing in West Bend from that point on. I called Kathy whenever I had a flare-up and she removed many trapped emotions from my kidneys and other organs. When she found a trapped emotion, I simply had to run a magnet over my governing meridian to remove it! Finally the day came when Kathy tested me she couldn't find any more trapped emotions in my kidneys. There were no longer any indications of protein in my urine (foamy urine indicates high protein levels) and I also noticed more energy and was looking great! 

When I went to the doctor on December 13, 2012 the protein levels in my urine were normal! The doctor was pleased and cancelled the Renal Biopsy he scheduled me to have. He told me that the Lupus was no longer affecting my kidneys. I have also been able to get off of prednisone completely and I am being weaned off of the immune suppressant drug I am on so that I can begin trying to get pregnant in the future.

Liz H., West Bend, Wisconsin

This emotional energy healing success story demonstrates how my Milwaukee natural healer services work in conjuction with traditional medice. Believe in the wholesome junctio between alternative therapy, Wisconsin hospitals, and a healthier lifestyle.