Depression and Tension in Neck & Shoulders Gone!! in MIlwaukee Area

Hi Kathryn,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know the changes I've felt since my Emotion Code energy balancing session with you 2 months ago. 
Let's start with that night. I could tell that we did some work, because I was very tired and got to sleep early (despite the phase of insomnia I was currently battling). I had a very intense dream that I was at an event and recognized a table of other people I used to know, but I didn't know them well enough to go say hello. Then, Robin Williams said "Hello M...i," and passed me by to go join the group. I was confused how he knew my name and knew who I was and I thought that maybe someone I used to know is now a Robin Williams impersonator. Being so tired, I fell asleep at the event and when I woke, the other group of people were gone and I was not able to say hello or figure out how Robin knew my name. Then, I woke up. Even though the dream didn't seem to have significant content at the time, I had an intense feeling that it was important and I needed to tell this dream to my husband so I wouldn't lose it. Upon drifting back to sleep and wondering why the dream felt so important, I wondered if Robin Williams could represent the trapped emotions of depression that we released that day. It was as if the inherited trapped emotions of depression passed me by, acknowledged that they knew me and went to greet the other table of people I used to know (like the family members that I inherited them from). I can't say I understand dreams or if my interpretation is accurate, but I wanted to share it with you as I thought you might appreciate this dream in a similar way that I did. 
Now, to the good stuff... Since my session with you, I have not felt the daily tension in my neck and shoulders. I would ask my husband to rub my neck and shoulders each day due to this intense build up of tension, and I have not needed to do so since that day 2 months ago. Even more exciting, I have not had a significant depressive episode. It's like a heavy weight or darkness, as well as particular feelings, just seem gone since that day. My health and wellness are still a work in progress and I continue to put in the work, but there is definitely something major that has lifted and freed me since that day.
So, thank you so much for what you do and what you did for me! I've been eager to share this with you, but I wanted some time to pass to make sure that these changes were as real and lasting as they felt. I can't say I fully understand how the Emotion Code works, but I am a believer that it was an important piece for my wellness.
M...i D.....r, Madison, Wisconsin