Thank You for Healing My Acne!!

Kathy, since moving to New York and getting a job as a publicist in the Fashion and Entertainment Industry I have accrued a mean case of Adult Acne. After trying clarisonic, proactive and every other expensive over the counter acne medication, I finally went to see my dermatologist. He prescribed me to a pretty strong medication which finally seemed to help….for a short couple of months. Boom! It came back 10 fold. Nothing seemed to work and I was losing hope. I was determined to lose this acne without the help of drugs.

After working with you for the past couple of months on underlying reasons for my acne, my skin has improved almost completely. I still occasionally get a stress/hormonal pimple here and there but it’s nothing like it used to be, it’s more manageable. By removing past life emotions and underlining imbalances, most of which caused my Cervical Vertebrae 2 & 3 to become misaligned, my face has never looked better. I can wear minimal makeup and feel confident and sexy. Even my co-workers have noticed a difference – I get a compliment on my skin everyday and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you – truly a miracle!

Krysta H. New York, New York