A balanced Solar Plexus empowers you to honor yourself and your intuition.

Your Personal Power

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the source of our Life Force and through setting boundaries it allows your soul to emerge true to who you are. Learn more about Chakra energy balancing.

Commonly Asked Wisconsin Alternative Therapy Questions

Asking questions is a great way to assert your personal power! By asking questions you are being responsible for your inner desire to know and you are also being assertive and courageous! How many times were we discouraged from asking questions in our lives! It’s not only a sign of intelligence but also a sign of an inner desire to know. Questions about alternative therapy are no different. Congratulations on all of the above! I’m sure you may have even more questions than those that are listed below. Feel free if your questions are not answered below to contact me and ask me whatever alternative therapy questions you may have. I love questions. 

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Q:How many trapped emotions can be removed in one energy healing session?


Every session is different. I can usually release quite a few! I take notes in my computer as I am doing the session on you and after the session I email the session form to you so that you will have a record of everything I removed. 

I am also trained to remove faulty core beliefs from your subconscious. After doing that I help you to create positive affirmations that I insert into your subconscious. I list those affirmations that you create in a Word document and send these affirmations to you along with your session form. I recommend that you say each of the affirmations you create at least 3 times a day, with feeling. Anything you do for 21 days becomes a habit. This way you begin your journey of creating positive new habits of loving yourself and others!

Q:How do trapped emotions block energy and affect my body?


Through the study of science we have learned that everything in the universe is energy. Water molecules are a perfect example of how one molecule can be ice, or water or air, depending on the vibration of the molecules. The slower the molecules vibrate, the denser the object. For instance ice is just water molecules vibrating slowly and when you add heat the molecules vibrate faster and the ice becomes water and eventually steam; solid, liquid, and gas. In the same way our body is simply energy. We have a physical body, and we have an energy body that vibrates at a higher frequency than our physical body.

Our body is a network of very interconnected systems. We have a system of organs and glands and Chinese medicine has outlined a system of acupuncture meridians which are pathways through which the chi energy flows. The meridians are named after the organs or function of the body that the meridian serves. Each organ corresponds with specific emotions. When we experience a strong negative emotion, and we don’t process the emotion, it sits on the corresponding organ as a ball of energy about the size of a grapefruit and blocks the chi energy flowing to that organ. Because the energy to that particular organ is blocked, the organ cannot function at full capacity. The organ is part of a highly sophisticated network of nerves, muscles, tissues and bones, and if the organ isn’t functioning at full capacity, it causes problems with the other areas of the body that it serves. For instance, if your gall bladder is imbalanced because of a trapped emotion it can cause discomfort in the right knee or right shoulder, it can affect the muscles in the shoulders or behind the knees or it can cause nausea, gas, or bloating.