Chakra Balancing

Root Chakra Balancing

To Thine Own Self Be True

Loving yourself is where you begin the journey of loving others. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and surround yourself with loving care. As you care for yourself and your needs in ways that only you know, your soul anchors itself into your body and to the earth. Your surroundings begin to reflect who you are and feelings of peace and security reign. The root chakra energy when fully open and functioning attracts what is needed into your life. This is your foundation; the very root of our hierarchy of needs as Abraham Maslow has taught. Practices to open your root chakra: walking, dancing, hiking, yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Emotion work, Reawaken wonder and awe in your life, Presence, and Focus on Gratitude and Trust.

Other names for the first Chakra: Root, Survival, Muladhara, Base, Kundalini


Sacral Chakra Balancing

Healthy Relationships

We create our reality. The sacral chakra energy is creative, procreative, energetic, sensual and sexual and connects our soul to these aspects of our lives. This energy when freely flowing and balanced gives you vitality for life, self-awareness, a deep respect of relationships and healthy expression of your emotions, sexuality and sensuality. When your sacral chakra is open you are creative and trusting. This chakra resounds to our need for relationships and has a lot to do with self-image, pleasure and having fun. The challenge is to interact consciously in relationships with people who support our growth and to release those people that inhibit our growth. Our journey of self discovery and creativity takes on new dimensions with every relationship we experience.

Other names for the second Chakra: Sacral, Sexuality, Swadhisthana


Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing

Your Personal Power

The Solar Plexus is the source of our Life Force and generates the will and power of the soul. Your soul is a strong force that wants to make its presence known. Through setting boundaries the Solar Plexus allows your soul to emerge true to who you are. If there is too much energy your life will be all emotion, full of dramatic highs and lows. If there is too little energy you will be living in your head with no emotions. The Solar Plexus connects to your personal power in relation to the external world. When balanced you will honor yourself and your intuition. You will be responsible, assertive, courageous and have the ability to follow through with your intentions and goals.

Other names for the third Chakra: Solar Plexus, Power, Manipura, Navel


Heart Chakra Balancing

The Power of Emotion Healing

Breathe the power of emotions into your thoughts and actions. Your heart is where empathy is developed. Empathy is love and acceptance of others. Empathy is what determines your emotional quotient. These days in order to excel in any area of your life, you need to develop not just your intellectual quotient (IQ) but your Emotional Quotient (EQ). There have been criteria developed to measure your EQ, just as there have been criteria in place for many years to measure your IQ. The secret of developing empathy and a high EQ is to learn to be in love and acceptance of yourself so that you can then be in love and acceptance of others. Every spiritual discipline has Love and Acceptance as the core of their teaching.

Other names for the fourth Chakra: Heart, Love, Anahata


Throat Chakra Balancing

Speak and Live the Soul’s Truth

The Throat Chakra is all about speaking and living your soul’s truth. Living your values with passion, having a sense of purpose and following your dreams are all expressions of a balanced Throat Chakra. The essence of the fifth chakra is faith and faith is a force that comes from our integrity. Basically living with integrity means that you live steadfastly to a code of moral or artistic values. When you find your Soul’s truth and use your gifts and abilities to express that truth in both your word and deeds, you exude confidence. We were created to live this way naturally.

Other names for the fifth Chakra: Throat, Communication, Vishuddha


Third Eye Chakra Balancing

See Life from the Soul's Perspective

The Third Eye Chakra relates to both sides of the brain and is your intuitive center. Because it can relate to both sides of the brain, it offers flexibilty of thought and a balanced, positive outlook on life that transcends judgment and polarity. Therefore discernment and imagination are both aspects of the Third Eye Chakra. Your third eye always tries to see from the soul's perspective. It integrates the information from all of the chakras into a clear vision or idea. It is the seat of inspiration. When your Third Eye Chakra is open and balanced you tend to be open minded and can easily bring two opposing sides together as harmony is the energy of a balanced Third Eye Chakra. It makes sense that this is the chakra of wisdom.

Other names for the sixth Chakra: Third Eye, Intuition, Ajna, Brow


Crown Chakra Balancing

Your Spiritual Center

The Crown Chakra is the chakra of prayer. Through meditation and prayer we receive wisdom, guidance and information from the Higher Self. People with an open Crown Chakra prefer silence to the “noise” of the world. The Crown Chakra floods your entire system with energy, connecting the entire physical body to the crown chakra. When your crown chakra is balanced you feel a connection with the Universe and you feel spirit-guided in the present moment. We manifest our spirit by living in the present moment. We learn to think and act with love and wisdom and learn to live for sake of others, as all of the masters have taught.

Other names for the seventh Chakra: Crown, Spirituality, Sahasrara

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