“We manifest our spirit by living in the present moment.”


Milwaukee, WI


Your Spiritual Center

The Crown Chakra is the chakra of prayer; when balanced, you feel a universal connection and spirit-guided in the present moment. Learn more about Chakra energy balancing.

Milwaukee Emotional Energy Healer

Are you feeling spirit guided in the present moment? Allow yourself to manifest and contact me for more information on Milwaukee energy healer services. This may truly be the moment that you have been asking for. Simply fill out the contact form below and feel free to share what you are thinking and feeling and what prompted you to find my website today. What are you searching for?

You and those you love can experience a life without tension and pain. Once I receive your information, I will carefully consider everything you share and respond to you by email or phone, whichever you prefer. The work I do is groundbreaking. 90% of the physical problems that we experience are related to blocked emotional energy. Working with the Governing Prime Meridian that is used in Acupuncture, and a refrigerator magnet from your refrigerator, we can begin removing your blocked emotions over the phone during our first energy healing session.

Contact Kathy Hill and let me provide emotional energy healing from Milwaukee today! I never share your information with anyone. Appointments are by appointment only. Set up a live, personal life coaching session in Milwaukee, Madison, Kenosha, Racine, Pewaukee or Waukesha or a remote session via phone or Skype by filling out the form below.